APS Noida had applied for International School Awards with the British Council Division in May 2019. It is a matter of pride and joy that the school has been successful in achieving the International Dimension in Schools certificate for the period 2020-23. As a part of this programme, the schools undertook seven activities involving the students of classes I to XI from July 2019 to June 2020 focusing upon Scholastic and co-scholastic areas at all grade levels. Each of these activities were conducted for a period of minimum three months and involved minimum four sub activities. These activities were specially designed in an Action Plan which was approved by the British Council Division. Out of these seven, three activities were conducted with international collaboration of schools in Dubai (UAE), Raciborz (Poland) and Medellin (Colombia). Our school Principal, Mrs Jyoti Rana and the ISA Coordinators, Mrs Indrani Neogi and Mrs. Archana Lal were felicitated in the virtual ISA Award Ceremony by Director, British Council Division of India. We hope that the scope of our excellent international activities will continue to develop and benefit the school community. The British Council Division has greatly appreciated the support, commitment, creativity and innovative international work done by APS Noida.