Student Workshops

Toughening Training of Students of APS NOIDA.  The workshop by Grandmaster “Shifuji”, Shaurya Bhardwaj was conducted at School Auditorium for the students of classes VI to VIII on 18th December 2017.  It was a workshop on building confidence amongst students, to remain respectful to elders, hardworking, to toughen one’s spirit in the face of adversities and to never give up.


Organ Donation Awareness Session.  A session on organ donation was conducted for the students of classes IX and XI in the school on 19th December 2017 by Sunayana Singh, Chief Executive Officer of ORGAN (Organ Receiving and Giving Awareness Network).  It was a session on the procedures and legalities involved in the process of organ donation.  Emphasis was laid on the need for spreading awareness and significance of organ donation in saving lives.

Solving Case Studies – Business Studies.  A workshop was conducted for the students of class XII (Commerce) on 20th December 2017.  Resource person Mr.Tapan Pathak, Author of “Business Studies Case Studies”, guided students on the methodology for solving case studies in Business Studies. In this process, few previous year questions were also discussed along with new case studies.  They were also guided as how to prepare with systematic planning for forthcoming board examination. Various career options for commerce students after class XII was also discussed with students.

Mathematics Workshop.  A mathematics workshop was conducted for class XII students on 21st December 2017 by Shri. Chibber, a CBSE expert.  It was an interactive session, where he shared important tips on preparing for class XII board examination with the students and clarified their queries.

Stress Management.  A workshop on managing examinations related stress was conducted on 26th December 201 in the school for the students of classes X & XII by the counsellor.  Focus of the workshop was to build coping strategies and resilience building.  Couple of relaxation techniques were covered and demonstrated.  Specific tips to perform well in exams based on psychological principles were also covered by the school counsellor.