Teachers’ Workshop

Workshop on Capacity Building Programme

APS NOIDA conducted the CBSE COE Dehradun Region Capacity Building Programme on Political Science on 28th & 29th Sep 2018.  More than fifty PGTs (Political Science) from Dehradun Region participated in the workshop.  It was part of a series of innovative workshops conducted by the CBSE to upgrade the skills of teachers teaching political science at class XII level.  The programme included the sharing of the latest pedagogical methods related to the subject along with creative techniques of content delivery and assessment.  Resource persons for the workshop were Mr. Madan Sawhney, a former lecturer of Political Science and Freelancer Educational Motivator and Mr. Dhiraj Singh, former Principal of Shivam Senior Secondary School, Khurja and currently Vice Principal of Pragyan Senior Secondary School, Jewar.  Both are Master Trainers associated with the CBSE.

Workshop on Teaching of English to Primary Classes.  A follow up workshop on Phonetics was conducted on 10th August 2018 in which the resource person Ms. Shalini Nair observed all the section of classes I & II.

Workshop on the use of Jodo Gyan Kit for Maths Teachers.  A workshop on the use of Jodo Gyan Kit for teaching Maths concepts was conducted in the school on 04th August 2018.  Maths teachers from classes I to V attended the workshop.  The resource person was Mr. Kartik of Jodo Gyan who demonstrated the use of various mathematical instruments.

Workshop on Teaching of English to Primary Classes.  A workshop on teaching of English to Primary Classes was conducted in the school on  17th July 2018.  Resource person was Ms. Shalini Nair.  The resource person used the techniques of phonetics to enhance the reading skill among the learners.

Awakened Citizen Programme.  Mrs. Riti Kakkar, PGT (Psy) and Mrs. Nupur Gulati, TGT (German) attended a workshop titled `Awakened Citizen Programme’ at Rama Krishna Mission Ashram, New Delhi on 15th& 16th May 2017.  Aim of the programme was to lay emphasis on the foundation of education.  It was designed to handle class 8th students who have already done the class 7th level programme. The workshop module discussed the Universal Possibilities in more depth and detailed manner.  All these possibilities are dormant and need to be tapped by making the individual aware about it.

FDRC Workshops

  • Angel Gupta, has attended the PRT (L-1) 58 Workshop No 140 held at FDRC from 17th April 2017 to 21stApril 2017.
  • Mrs. Priti Gupta,PGT (Maths) has attended PGT (Maths) workshop No 18 at FDRC from 15th to 19th May 2017.
  • Mrs. Prachi Bhatnagar has attended the Counsellors Workshop No 10 held at FDRC from 28th to 30th June 2017.
  • Sumita Sen Ghosh, PGT (History) has attended PGT(History) workshop No 19 from 10th to 14th July 2017.
  • Neetu Deopa, PRT has attended PRT (L-2) 54 workshop No 143 from 31st July to 04thAugust 2017.
  • Ms. Sneh Bhardwaj, TGT (Comp Sci) and Mrs. Ancy James, PRT have attended TAL Wksp No 10 from 09th to 13th October 2017.
  • Mrs. Ekta Sharma, PRT (Comp Sci) has attended PRT (L-1) 63 Wksp No 149 (cl 1 & 2) from 30 October to 03 November 2017.
  • Mrs. Seema Jaggi, TGT (Maths) has attended TGT (Maths)(viii) Wksp No 75 from 30 October to 03 November 2017.

Evoking Excellence.  A workshop titled `Evoking Excellence’ for the Heads of Educational Institutions was conducted at this school on 06th May 2017 by Chinmaya Mission NOIDA.  Dr. Jawahar Surishetti, a well-known educationist, Advisor to Govt. of India and Govt. of Chhattisgarh and Swami Chidrupanandaji (Acharya of Chinmaya Mission NOIDA) were the resource persons.  The workshop was attended by Head of Institutions (Principals) and Management representatives across NCR.  The workshop focused on leadership, learning beyond classroom, teaching as a service, teachers are nation builders and evoking lateral thinking etc.

Learning Problems : Identification & Management.  Mrs. Archana Thakur, PRT and Mrs. Poonam Sikka, PRT were attended a workshop on Learning Problems – Identification & Management at India social Institute, 10, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 03 June 2017.  Resource persons for the workshop was Ms. Mitali Roy, a counselling phycologist and Dr. Ravindran, an expert in special education.

Workshop on School Tobacco Awareness.  Mrs. Prachi Bhatnagar, counsellor attended a workshop on `School Tobacco Awareness’ at Jaypee Hospital, Sector-128, NOIDA on 27th October 2017.  The workshop was organized by the National Tobacco Control Programmein collaboration with District Tobacco Control Cell under the guidance of District Magistrate, NOIDA and Chief Medical Officer, NOIDA.  The session was for the Principals/Counsellors of Private Schools in Gautam Budh Nagar.  Tobacco free emphasis was laid on the guidelines and the schools are expected to follow and ensure a tobacco free campus.

International Conference on global Education for Peace, Harmony and Development.  Mrs. Anu Sebastian, PGT (Geography) attended the conference organized by Army Institute of Education, Greater NOIDA and held at Manekshaw Auditorium, New Delhi on 07 October 2017.

Workshop on Design for Change.  Mrs. Anita Sharma, TGT (English) and Mrs. Sonia Kapur, PRT attended a workshop titled `Design for Change’ held at Millenium School, Sect-41, NOIDA on 01st August 2017.  The workshop focused on involving the students in identifying issues or problems which concerned them and finding doable solutions for them.

Workshop on Cyber Security.  A workshop on Cyber Security and safe use of smart phones was conducted for all teachers in the school by Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Advisor, Cyber Complaint Redressal Cell, UP Police on 01st July 2017.

Capacity Building Programme.   Mrs. Kusum Chauhan, TGT (Chemistry) and Mrs. Neerja Tyagi, TGT (Biology) were attended a Capacity Building Programme on Science of class X.  It was held at Kothari International School, Sector-50, NOIDA on 15th& 16th December 2017.  The programme was organized by CBSE Centre for Excellence, Gurugram (Haryana).  Aim of the programme was to provide a platform for professional development and subject based interaction among the teachers.

In-house Workshop for Teachers.  In-house workshop for teachers conducted in the school from 06th to 15th March 2018.