Message from The Patron

Education is the best investment for our future generations. Towards this, Army Public School Noida has dedicated itself to impart inclusive education to the students for their holistic and all round development.

At an impressionable and tender age, the children cannot be expected to be sagacious enough to discriminate between ethical and unethical, moral and immoral, good and evil. However, I expect them to achieve a perfect blend of competence and character so as to strengthen the social fibre

APS NOIDA exposes students to a resume of multifarious activities and I am sanguine that they make full use of these to explore their creative talent. I am happy to note that apart from academic excellence, the wide spectrum of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are well meshed in the daily routine of the school.

The school has taken several steps to improve the academic environment and to augment the infrastructure and I am sure that the indomitable efforts of the staff and students amalgamated with the right synthesis of academics and other pursuits will provide synergy to their efforts  and take the school to greater glory.