Special Assemblies

  • On 21st January 2015 a special assembly to commemorate on the 66th Republic Day of India was organized at this school. Class VI students presented thought, news and talk on Republic Day.

Matribhasa Diwas By Class VI

To make students understand the importance of using mother tongue for the development and progress of Indian languages, a Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Class VI, celebrating ‘Matribhasha Diwas’ (Mother Tongue Day). The date has been selected since the UNESCO too has declared February 21 of every year as ‘International Mother Tongue Day’ to promote, disseminate and create full awareness about linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world.

Swine Flu Awareness By Class VI

A Special Assembly was conducted by students of Class VI on 18th February 2015 to create awareness about the deadly disease. Gultosh Misra of class VIII presented a talk on the subject. The student highlighted the symptoms of the disease and preventive measures required to be adopted to curb spread of the disease. The talk was very informative in spreading awareness amongst the students and staff of the school.

Special Assembly By Agni House

The special assembly started with a prayer followed by recitation of a poem by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, talk on Independence Day, Chat Show highlighting the meaning of freedom, love and respect etc. The Vice Principal addressed the audience and appreciated the hard work put in by the teachers and the students. A motivational movie was also shown to the children to make them aware of the contributions of India to the world in various fields like Mathematics, Literature, and Science. It ended with a dance performance by the students.

“Value Through Sports” By Class X

Students of class X and teachers organized the special assembly on 1st August 2014. Theme of the special assembly was `Value Through Sports“. It was the final day of Annual Adm & Technical Inspection of the school. The inspecting team was also present to witness the special assembly. The special assembly started by singing a prayer. Sasha Chandel of class XC presented the thought followed by an update on the happenings of the World. A talk and presentation concerning the qualities and values sports was also presented by the students which was appreciated the inspecting team.

`Born To Be Brave’ By Class IX

  • A special assembly was conducted by the students of class IX on 21 October 2014 on the theme `Born to be Brave’. During the assembly a power point presentation was put up on the various faces of courage by the students which depicted the simple things of life like honesty, charity and humility which need a lot of courage. A talk was presented on the importance of celebrating Diwali and the relevance of the days preceding it. The students presented a skit on celebrating a Green Diwali and safeguarding our environment.