Admission Criteria & Stream Offered (Sr. Sec.)

Admission to Army Public School is on priority basis depending on the number of vacancies in each class. Admission to students of Priority I and Priority II is granted throughout the year.


Admission Criteria:

(a) Admission for Priority I (P-I) and Priority II (P-2) categories is open throughout the year.

(b) Admission to other categories is given purely on merit depending on the vacancies.

Priorities Eligibility
Priority – I

(a) All Army personnel posted to Delhi shall remain Priority I. Irrespective of time/ stage of seeking admission, provided their wards are not already admitted in any other school in Delhi.

(b) Widows of Army Personnel who move to Noida within one year of demise of their husband.

(c) Disabled Army Personnel settled in Noida/Greater Noida/Faridabad / Sarita Vihar/ East Delhi and whose wards are not already admitted in Delhi.

(d) Retiring Army personnel who intend to settle in NOIDA, Provided their wards are studying in APS at the last duty station.

Priority – II

Army personnel posted in field/operational areas/non-family stations who select NOIDA as their place of residence.

Priority – III

Serving Army personnel in Delhi/ outside Delhi desirous of change of school for their wards.

Priority – IV

Ex-Army personnel in receipt of pension including Army personnel who retire during mid-session and settle in Delhi/NOIDA.

Priority – V

Released Army personnel not in receipt of pension (also Air Force and Navy).

Priority – VI



Stream Offered for Sr. Sec. School

Stream Subjects Offered
Science English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Psychology, Comp.Sc./Economics/Biology
Humanities English, History, Geography, Psychology, Informatics Practices/Phy. Ed.
Management Science English, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, Comp. Sc.
Commerce English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Maths/Informatics Practices/Phy. Ed