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Grievance Redressal

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Grievance Redressal

Under the supervision of the Principal, the Grievance Redressal Committee of Army Public Public School NOIDA has been constituted to monitor and look into the complaints lodged by the students, staff and parents. The Grievance Cell is also empowered to look into matters of harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the School Principal or address his/her grievances to the Grievance Redressal Cell. Grievances can be presented in person or in writing. (Through the use of the suggestion box.)

The Grievance Redressal Committee at APS NOIDA aims to ensure that action on every application is undertaken promptly. In case of false or frivolous complaint, the Committee may take appropriate action against the complainant. It endeavours to ensure a conducive environment which is vital for children’s personal, physical, social, emotional, moral and intellectual development.

The objective of the Grievance Cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the school premises.

The Protection of human rights is essential for holistic development of an individual. The students are the main stakeholders in any educational institution and their physical and mental wellbeing is of paramount importance.

Taking this spirit in consideration the school has set up the mechanism for students for redressal of their grievances as under:

  • Academic
  • Non-Academic
  • Grievance related to Assessment
  • Grievance related to Victimization
  • Grievance related to Attendance
  • Grievance related to fee
  • Grievance regarding conducting of Examinations
  • Harassment by Peers or the Staff

In addition to it, the cell is indented to find solutions for problems like sexual harassment –any kind of physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding class room teaching, class room management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc, if and when they arise. The grievance redressal cell convenes meetings periodically and takes steps to redress any related issues.


  • The students may put up a grievance in writing or through e-mail.
  • The grievance cell will act upon those cases which have been forwarded along with the necessary documents.
  • The grievance cell will ensure that the grievance is resolved in a stipulated time period.


  • The final responsibility for grievance redressal rests with the Principal of the School.
  • The school aims that every grievance redressalis time bound and result oriented. Every grievance is expected to be resolved within a reasonable time period.
  • The grievance redressal cell of the school shall monitor status and progress of grievance redressal and shall furnish a report on the same to the Chairman of the school.


  • In case of any grievance, the members of the cell are empowered to resolve the matter at their level through discussions with the stakeholders.
  • In case the members fail to find a solution, then the matter is referred to the School Chairman for final resolution.
  • Considering the nature and depth of the grievances due inquiry is made by the members of for speedy resolution. On the basis of an in-depth inquiry, supported by facts, an action may be taken by the school administration.


  • Decisions with regard to award of scholarship, fee concessions, medals etc;
  • Decisions made by the school with regard to disciplinary matters and misconduct.
  • Decisions of the university about admissions in any courses offered by the school.
  • Decisions by competent authority on assessment and examination results.

Redressal Committee for Public Grievances

S.No. Members
1 Principal
2 Vice-Principal
3 Senior Teachers
4 Physical Education Teacher
5 Estate Supervisor

Redressal Committee for Grievances of Parents

S.No. Members
1 Principal
2 Vice-Principal
3 Co-ordinator
4 Class Teacher

Redressal Committee for Staff Grievances

S.No. Members
1 Principal
2 Vice-Principal
3 Staff Co-ordinator
4 Senior Teacher - PGT
5 Senior Teacher - TGT

Redressal Committee for Grievances of Students

S.No. Members
1 Vice-Principal
2 Co-ordinator Sr.Wing
3 Co-ordinator Jr.Wing
4 HOD Sports Dept
5 Head boy of the school
6 Head Girl of the school

Internal Complaint Committee on Sexual Harassment of women at work place under Vishaka Guidelines

S.No. Members
1 Vice Principal
2 Co-ordinator Sr.Wing
3 Co-ordinator Jr.Wing
4 Administrative Staff

Internal Complaint Committee on Sexual Harassment for Students under POCSO ACT,2012

S.No. Members
1 Principal
2 School Counsellor
3 Co-ordinator Sr.Wing
4 Co-ordinator Jr.Wing
5 Senior Teacher
6 Parent
7 Parent