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“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way.”
~ George Evans.


  • Our efforts are based on the universal understanding that every child is different and would learn at his/her own pace. Our educators ensure that various innovative teaching pedagogies are used in the classroom and beyond to engage the learners
  • Our students come from diverse backgrounds, from different parts of the country and outside as well. We have been practicing inclusion, even before its introduction as a formal concept in the field of schooling.

The school has a full time counsellor and a special educator to provide help to students as well as parents. The counsellor/ special educator is available on all working days for individual sessions, to help with both academic and emotional/behavioural concerns faced by students of all age groups.

Resource room ‘LifeBoat’

We at APS Noida believe that children with multicultural background, special needs or talents are all individual learners.

Life Boat is the inclusive education learning centre at APS NOIDA: To create a holistic space for childrenwith special needs (CWSN) and abilities tolearn, develop essential skills & adapt to theirenvironments. It is equipped with multi-sensory learning material; play based learning aids and AV resources. The aim is to include children with special needs into regular classroom and become a confident contributing members of their class.

Counselling Room

To facilitate individual therapy sessions for our students withacademic and emotional/behavioural concerns: Guidance and counselling are important for children, and schools have a huge role in bringing out the best in children. Good conduct is coveted, but sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. Through counselling, children are given advice on how to manage and deal with emotional conflict and personal problems.

Workshops, Awareness programs

This department is also involved in organizing and conducting workshops and awareness programmes for students, parents and staff of the entire school. The sessions are conducted on regular basis on host of topics like life skills, time management, stress management, cyber security and ethics, adolescence challenges, coping mechanisms, communication, collaboration and many more.

Career Counselling& Aptitude Testing

The counselling department proactively works on career counselling especially with students of classes IX- XII. A multitude of sessions are conducted throughout the year on choice of subjects, career planning and growth. Experts from specialized fields are also invited to guide the students. In addition, as a part of Adolescent education programme, we conduct an aptitude test for class X students. The assessment provides the students with a better insight into their abilities, so that they can make informed choices and decisions for their future.

Mentorship Program for students of classes IX to XII

Youth of today more than anything needs caring and consistent relationship with adults in order to navigate their way through adolescence and beyond.

APS NOIDA has a unique mentorship programme were students have the opportunity to establish a connect with a faculty member who can become a role model and advocate for the student by offering support and counsel.

Teachers are appointed as mentors for a group of 5-6 students. The teacher mentor is available at all times to the group of students for any guidance and help.

The mentoring program aims at providing positive support for all the academic endeavours of our students. It aims at strengthening the ability of our learners to recognize their skills, capabilities, and interests, and assist them in thinking through and accomplishing their long-term goals.

The mentoring activities and support encourage academic excellence, self-esteem, and personal growth of the students.

Bridge Course

Students of APSs continually move from one school to another due to transfer of the parents. This phase of transition poses social, emotional and academic challenges for most learners. In an effort to support the learners in adjusting to the new culture and environment and to bridge the gap in academic content of one grade and the next, we at APS NOIDAfollow the concept of a bridge course.

The endeavour isto help the learners adjust well in the shortest possible time, while helping them build on their understanding of the content/concepts that may have been missed during the transition.

The aim of the Bridge course is to smoothen the transition challenges for every learner while paving the gapto eliminate various learning difficulties at the grass root level; thereby providing a platform for self-exploration for the learners.